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Monday, June 22, 2015

Redray Frazier
"Blood In the Water: (self)

Redray's gospel-singing youth left singular imprint on his warm vocal manner, and it is ever apparent in this 6-song set - at turns electrically animated and soulfully bluesy. A former David Byrne touring band cornerstone, Redray opens up his heart and frees the humanity that all share and intuitively recognize, but few can so eloquently articulate.

"I've always listened to various styles of music," he once revealed. "Everything from Curtis Mayfield to the Alabama Shakes. It doesn't matter to me, as long as the music has heart."

A full-length disc is currently planned, with contributions being amassed at

Recommended "Blood In the Water," "Follow Me," "If You Let Me," "

Mad Sin
"Burn and Rise" (People Like You, 2012)

Flailing and stomping deep within this vivid all moving/all twisted German psychobilly sideshow, an itinerant freak-of-nature tent celebration choreographed by the starring misshapen black leather-jacketed oddities themselves, is a fearsome and formidable rock and roll attack squad that makes delightedly blasphemous converts of all forever-lost souls who swarm to their outrageous altar. Each high voltage moment seethes, slams, storms. And if no one gets out alive, that's because no one arrived that way to begin with.

Recommended “Cursed,” “Wreckhouse Stomp,” "Back From the Morgue," "Shitlist Bop," "No Control," “She's Evil,” "Am I Human," “Geisterfahrer.” 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Koffin Kats
"Born of the Motor" (Sailor's Grave, 2013)

The high-speed Koffin Kats are Vic Victor's show. His unique, soaring vocals distinguish the legendarily tenacious band from others in the tattooed pack. He stands as an immediately identifiable stylist, of which there are few. Ambitious and inventive arrangements stop, start, twist, turn, gallop, and jet-zoom with exuberance unfeigned. The superior material demands suitably adroit, heavyweight players; such are marshaled here in heartfelt common cause.

Recommended "All of Me Is Gone," "This Heart (Stays On Ice)," "Born of the Motor," "The Collector," "Devil Tales," "It's Real"

The Brains
"No Brain, No Pain" (Crazy Love)

Among psychobilly's fastest and loudest streamlined wrecking trains. Leathery Rene D La Muerte, Colin the Dead, and Phil the Beast add into the Brains' unsettling vibe elements of horror-show nightmare totems and screamed asylum witnessing. The unstable admixture can and does explode, and realities splinter into ruin. Hear a blast furnace hurled as hyperkinetic projectile. 

Recommended "No Brain, No Pain," "Full Moon Overseas," "20 Beers," "Taste Your Blood," "Sick Boy"

"What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell" (Hellcat, 2011)

Changes for this longtime global scene favorite, though the quality remains at high altitude. Incoming members Franc (guitar) and Lux (drums) charge each booming passage with pumped muscle. Each is equal to the ambitious, fast-forward rampage. For his part, coffin-bass beating leader Kim Nekroman is his usual good-naturedly wicked self. The wrecking master from Denmark sings in admirably tuneful and familiar moon-howling fashion. A mind-ravaging addiction for which no healing elixir is desired.    
Recommended "Bats In My Pants," "Once We Were Lovers," "Demon Speed," "Sleepwalker With a Gun," "I Kissed a Ghoul," "Love You Deadly" 


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Demented Are Go
"Welcome Back To Insanity Hall" (People Like You, 2012)

Behold if you dare these bug-eyed and bellowing lost souls forsaken by all that men hold holy:

Their faces streaked with garish ghastliness and bloody claw-tracings, they jerk-dance like epileptic puppets in multi-technicolored, bombastic spectacle, vomiting lunatic gallows-humor that is equally assured plundering final resting plots or wallowing in bawdy X-rated degradations. Whether at crazed speeds that defy rational scientific laws, loping casually to medium-paced, low-slung rockabilly pulse-beats, or rocketing into uncharted delirium, this must forever remain locked away in its own criminally psycho rank.    

It is strangely hypnotic and so we listen, time and again. But may none of us know this abhorrence but from our safe distance.  

Recommended "Bodies In the Basement," "Devil Says Kill," "Heads On Poles," "The Life I Live," "So Agitated" (bonus track)

VIDEO "Bodies In the Basement"

Lance "Romance" Bakemeyer
"30 Years of Rockabilly" (Rockin' Cat)

Lance is the big bass-slappin', song-crafting founder of the storied Hillbilly Hellcats and a longtime first-chair musician in his own right. Neo-rockabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly...if it rocks, Lance has played it - and better than most, too. Have doghouse, will travel. 

He has now collected a representative sample of stellar moments from his distinguished career. Presented are not just clever and agreeably rollicking Hellcats classics (many of which turned up in TV and film soundtracks), but momentous collaborations with some of contemporary rockabilly's finest players, including Jinx Jones, Danny B. Harvey, and "Taz" Bentley. It isn't often that one finds so much talent of this caliber on one record. 

The woods are full of aspirants to rockin' glory. A few will make it. When they do, they'll find Lance waiting.

Recommended "Dead Man's Party," "Roadkill Cafe," "Mudflap Baby," "Rockinest Cat In Town," "Hillbilly Cat," "Beer and a Girl," "Mad Dog Twist," "My Baby's Rockabilly," "Ol' Bobcat"

VIDEO "My Baby's Rockabilly"